Hawaiian Ti Plant

Hawaiian Ti Plant

Hawaiian Ti Plant also known as Cordyline spp. The Hawaiian Ti Plant has three commonly known names, Hawaiian Ti, Good Luck Tree and the Red Sister.

Although this plant is recognized as being from Hawaii it really is a  Native plant to Australia, Polynesia and Asia. The Hawaiian Ti plant was introduced to the ancient  Hawaiian people from the Polynesian settlers. This plant is a flowering evergreen plant that is a house plant, most people do not realize that it fairs better in houses. These planets likes high humidity and lots of water.

Although it can be planted out doors and if so then place it in full sun or at least a place where it can get 4 to 6 hours of sun, if you do place it with in the house place it about 3 to 5 feet away from a  window so it can get sun light but with being in the sun it does not need as much sun light.

A Ti Plant is very beautiful with its multi colored leaves although there are some that has solid colored leaves but the most desired ones are those with the multi colored leaves. This plant can reach a height of 3 to 10 feet tall the bigger the pot you place this plant in the bigger it will grow.

If you have placed your Ti Plant out doors and the temperature is going to get lower then 60 then you should bring it in because it will die. They do not fare well in low temps.

Also spritz your Ti plant with water every day to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Planting Your New Ti Plant

Pick The perfect location for your plant a place that has good soil and will get at least 4 to 6 hours of well filtered sun light. When picking the right spot make sure that the soil that you planting this in has good drainage. Till the soil up and if needed add in some peat moss and per-lite to the soil if it is heavy hard clay like soil. This will also improve the drainage for your Ti Plant.

Make sure that you get rid of all of the grass and weeds that may be with in the location of where the Ti Plant will be planted. These unwanted plants will need to be killed out by bring up the main root systems up, you do not want any other plants taking any nutrients and water from your Ti plant.

When digging the hole for your plant make sure to dig it twice the size of its roots after the hole has been dug now place in some of the lose dirt back into the hole packing it down lightly then place you Hawaiian Ti in the hole raking the rest of the dug dirt around it then press down firmly, planting it half way making sure all of the roots are buried and bring the dirt up the stalk some what, right after you have done this down water it and do not be stingy with the water. Always make sure it is moist every day. It is better to water it in the morning and then in the evening so the heat will not evaporate the water.

Extra things to keep in mind with this plant on the inside is to keep it away from any hot drafts never place close or near a vent.

The watering part is the most important thing to this plant inside or out side. Make sure to keep the soil moist every day but do not flood it just enough to keep it all moist.

It is better to add small amounts of water to it daily but you can water it twice a week just make sure to keep an eye on it and not to let it get to dry. Water that is free of chemicals makes the best water. If your leaves begin to fall off then this is telling you that it is not getting enough water.

If it starts to turn brown then add very little and very diluted Miracle Grow house plant fertilizer or you can get these sticks for house plants. If using the sticks then place them as far away from you your plant as you can. If you are Using the liquid then make sure to pour it away from the plant not letting any of it touch the leaves or the stalks this will burn your plant up and this is not just for this plant when using fertilizer this is with all plants.

Written by Tasha Slone, Copyright 2011 HousePlantsForYou.com

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