Begonias: Your Indoor Home Decor

If you like to decorate your living room with hints of greens then it is better to plant Begonia because it looks so pretty and is also easy to maintain. Once these plants have the flowers and they bloom, then they can add up to the beauty of your home. Surely these plants require more tending and attention while they grow than the average regular plants but obviously because these plants are much more delicate than the rest of the lot.  Plants like begonias blossom all round the year. But I would advise to not to bring home a plant on instinct, the begonias will need a proper care and soil conditions so that you do not disappoint yourselves over a dead plant.Begonias

Types of Begonias
Begonias have a wide variety and you could have a whole garden to yourself only having begonia. Depending upon colour, size and shape there are more than 500 kinds of begonia. Now a day they are also found in various hybrid variations, so if the shop owner of the plant shop gave you a plant which looks a little different be rest assured that it might very well be a hybrid variant of a begonia.Begonias

Growth Requirements for Begonias
A lot like the African violet the begonia is a plant of the tropical origins and requires a humid atmosphere to be able to grow. The best temperature range for begonias to flourish is between 60°F to 70°F. Which even if not set as an ideal temperature at your homes will still do as long as you do not place the plant near any hot water pipes, near your radiator or on the patio. While watering a plant of begonia you need to make sure that you mist the leaves well as this also helps to keep the plants free of dirt and insects. These plants do not take direct sunlight well so place the plants somewhere in your home where there is the hint of light but it should not fall directly on the plants.Begonias

Other Requirements for Begonias
If you are planning to plant a begonia in your home then any type of soil would work, but try and get some of the commercially produced soil available in the gardening stores for the best results. Try to keep the soil loose as the roots need to breathe. And thus pick a pot which has a hole so that the water can drain out nicely and avoid the rotting of the roots. Begonias propagate in different ways depending on what variety you have got. Also these plants are more prone to insect attacks so take good care of your plants to keep the bugs out. These simple steps should keep your begonia plant healthy and your home look pretty with a touché of nature and colours in it.

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