How To Keep Your Poinsettia Blooming Past Christmas

Millions of Poinsettias join families everywhere for Christmas. Although the Poinsettia comes in several color varieties, their festive red color just adds so much to holiday decorations. But, once Christmas is over, a Poinsettia seems to lose its color and beauty and often it just die.

The Poinsettia is a tropical plant and though very beautiful, in its natural habitat they’re often thought of as weeds! But, especially in America, they’ve became a much loved part of the Christmas tradition for many families.

Contrary to what most people think, the brightly colored petals aren’t actual flowers, they’re bracts. The real flower is in the center of the leaf bracts. With the proper care, you can keep your Poinsettia blooming through Christmas and even keep it alive for years to come!

Poinsettia ~ The Christmas Flower

Poinsettia ~ The Christmas Flower

Keeping any plant alive depends a lot on the health of the plant when you purchase it. It’s easier to keep a healthy plant healthy, than it is to try and save a damaged one. Pay close attention to the flowers on the plant. Flowers that are all yellow indicate an older plant, if the flowers have red or green tips, it’s an indication of a fresher plant.

When you purchase Poinsettias, they generally always come wrapped in a bright festive foil. Lift the pot out of the foil, if the lower stems are covered in leaves it’s a healthy plant! If the plant has just been sitting in water, chances are the roots have rotted and the plant might not survive.

Once you get it home, get rid of the foil wrapping. Place the pot into a decorative container with rocks or other support in the bottom to hold the plant up out of the water. If the plant is really soaked when you purchase it, let it sit in the sun awhile to dry up some of the water.

Poinsettias like bright sunny places, but if you sit it near a window, make sure the leaves aren’t touching the cold glass. At least six hours of bright, indirect sun is ideal lighting for Poinsettias. They don’t like cold air, so keep them away from drafts. And, having them too close to a heating vent will keep the soil too dry.



Before watering the plant always feel of the soil. Remember that even when the soil is dry on the top, the bottom of the soil will probably be very moist. Stick your finger down into the soil about 1/2 inch deep, if it’s still moist at that level, wait a couple of days before watering.

You shouldn’t let the soil get real dry, but over watering is just as bad. Keep the soil evenly moist and provide good drainage in the bottom of the pot. Poinsettias love warm days and cool nights. If you don’t want to turn the thermostat down during the night, move the plant to a cooler room and then return it the next morning.

If you just love the look of the foil wrapper and want to leave it on the plant, make some small holes in the bottom of it for drainage. Then you can water it in the sink and return it to the table after it’s quit draining.

While Poinsettias are considered a Christmas plant, they’re definitely not just disposable decorations. Given the proper care, Poinsettias can live year round. And, even after they’ve lost their brightly colored bracts, they will make a beautiful foliage plant for your home.

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  1. Janet
    Feb 6, 2009

    Every year we buy poinsettias and before spring comes they are always dead. After reading this article I can hardly wait until Christmas to buy a poinsettia so that I can challenge myself to keep it alive. Now I am wondering if they sell these things year round!

  2. xorex
    May 10, 2009

    Advance slow but every time.
    Dont water too much.

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