What Is An Exotic Angel Houseplant?

If you are a houseplant fanatic, then chances are you’ve seen houseplants that say “Exotic Angel” on the care tag.

Exotic Angel isn’t a species of plant, it is actually a brand name. So, an Exotic Angel heartleaf philodendron is just like any other heartleaf philodendron, or is it? Well basically it is, but at the same time it might not be! An Exotic Angel golden pothos might be a better choice over an unnamed golden pothos.

Although it might sound confusing, it’s really not. It’s the same concept of branded food items verses generic food items. While some generic products are close in quality to name brands, some are not. When a manufacturer puts their name on a product they tend to be more concerned in providing a better higher quality product to their customers.

Exotic Angel plants are grown by Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses, one of the oldest and most respected names in foliage plants.

Exotic Angel White Anne

Exotic Angel White Anne

During the 70’s when houseplants became really popular, Engelmann moved his plant facilities located in the north to Florida.

Today, the company has almost 3 million square feet of greenhouses in the “foliage plant capital of the world,” Apopka, Florida.

While many other houseplant growers have tried to establish a private brand, few have been successful. Every Exotic Angel plant comes directly from Engelmann’s greenhouses in Florida.

Exotic Angels all carry the distinctive logo that has became a symbol of innovation and quality around the world. They each come with their care requirements and have the unique color coded tags for light requirements.

Exotic Angel Golden Pothos

Exotic Angel Golden Pothos

The line now consists of over 400 different varieties of houseplants that have been grown indoors and come accimilated to the lower light conditions of most homes.

Their motto “Taking Care Of Our Customers Is Taking Care Of Our Future” reflects their dedication to providing high quality, healthy houseplants. And, the healthier your houseplant is when you bring it home, the better your chances are for having a plant that will give you years of pleasure.

Written by Connie Corder for HousplantsForYou.com, Copyright 2011


  1. paula
    Jun 29, 2011

    i have a golden potho. can you please tell me it cries. a lot of the time there is moister dripping off the leaves. what is this about? thank you paula

  2. Thomas
    Dec 7, 2011

    This article is the biggest crock of… well, you know where I am going. Every plant I have purchased with this label (Exotic Angel) has either died or suffered a severe setback when I have taken it home. I have a west and eastern exposure in my apartment as well as an indoor light stand. I grow a spectacular collection of cacti, African violets, Clivia and Hoya indoors on the light stand or windows (East or West). The plants grown by Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses never succeed. Plants and cuttings I purchase on-line – from other sources – fare far better than any “Exotic Angel” I have ever purchased. AND any email I have sent to Engelmann Greenhouses has been ignored by the company. As an aside, I will add, I have a lifetime of houseplant experience and years of work and study at one of the most prestigious Botanic Gardens in the United States.

  3. heather
    Mar 27, 2012

    I was just wondering why do all the plants have people names? Are they like a tribute to loved ones? Thank You

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